The Team - Vasilis Koulolias

Project Committee Chair

Vasilis is the Director and founder of eGovlab; an applied research institution at Stockholm University, Department of Computer Science - Sweden. eGovlab is a unique government testbed focusing on Public Sector Transformation towards future service delivery.
As a social entrepreneur, technologist, and mentor, Vasilis has dedicated over three decades to improve good governance and digital transformation while bridging the gap between citizens, local communities, and policymakers. His success to date is based on building strong relationships between government, industry, civil society, and the research sector shifting societal transformation towards inclusion, transparency, and efficiency in developed and developing nations.

Why is Maun Science Park important?

This is the first time in the 4 1/2 billion–year history of Earth that a lifeform can make it possible to build consciousness in its living spaces. Technological advancements in "smart" infrastructures, structural engineering, energy, water, waste, food production that are based on data-driven intelligence will allow us to secure a future that is resilient and sustainable. We should not waste any more time and charge ahead!