Majestic Wildlife.
Untouched Vegetation.

Sustainable living technologies continue to be developed across the research, science and technology fraternity. Most of these technologies are developed towards the sustenance of live of the human population in other habitats outside of earth.

What if these same technological advancements are refocused to showcase sustained living on this earth?

Botswana possesses a unique habitat comprising animals variety, fauna and flora, which presents her with an opportunity to take a leading role in Africa and the world to address three great challenges particularly demographics, governance and climate change.  We wish to demonstrate to the world the realisation of sustained living using a pilot community as a valuable use case to better address these local and global challenges in practical terms.

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“Botswana is moving from a resource-led to a knowledge based economy. Therefore my government is currently implementing transformative reforms to make our services and products more future ready and thus more competitive in the global market”...